About designer

Once upon a time there was a little girl with a big big dream. She didn’t let go her dreams and hopes. She took inspiration from everything beautiful and wonderful around her and designed her own outfits one by one and so was born her fashion brand. 

Through my brand , I want to give you inspiration, feminity and courage to be yourself and trust yourself and your feelings.

You are special, you can be an inspiration to others, you can bring light to the world just us I can, just us she can, just us he can. Just believe!

My clothes are like a story about the nature, about life around me, about mood. I draw inspiration from it all and give it back to people through clothing. Fashion design is my heart work, my love.

I want to encourage moms to style their little princesses and princes from an early age. They will definitely appreciate it when they grow up, they will be personalities from childhood. It is very important in the child’s development.











Zanda Jundze-Broma

ZANDii fashion heart and soul:)